Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sight Word Safari Word Work

Another Reading Center I really like my kids to work on is our Sight Word word work book.  There are 3 pages for every sight word in our book.  The kids work on them at their own pace.  Some will get 2-3 pages done during their center time and some will only get 1 done.  Here are the pages in the book:

 On the first page they trace the word in lots of colors to make their sight words as colorful as a toucan!  Then they cut the word apart and glue it back in the right order

On the next page they use magnifying glasses to search for the word hiding in the jungle of letters.  Then they stamp the word.

On the final page they unscramble a sentence (short phrases at the beginning of the year but they steadily become harder) containing the sight word, glue it in order and draw a picture to match the sentence.

My students love working in their books and there is enough variation in the pages to keep them engaged each time they are at this center.
The book has 63 sight words in it.  If you're interested in using it in your classroom it is for sale at my TPT store.  Click on the Picture of the cover to take you to my store.

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