Thursday, February 27, 2014

Handwriting Zoo Addition

I love this addition to my Handwriting Zoo packet:

Honestly I don't know why I didn't make these years ago when I first started teaching my students about the handwriting zoo!  It took a couple smart teachers requesting them on TPT to finally make me slap my own  head and go 'well duh of course they need practice pages that match!'  

So thanks for the request ladies and make sure and download the revised version on TPT!

If you haven't seen my Handwriting Zoo posts check them out here:

And remember TPT is having a SALE right now!!!!!  Woohoo!

Friday, June 28, 2013

First "School" Purchase of the Summer

I didn't mean to do it. 

 I went to Wal-Mart for gift bags and wrapping paper. 

 I was NOT planning on spending money on school.  

But, let's face it, I'm weak.  

I saw them and I had to have them.

  Scentos Daubers!!  

I have a slight addiction to Scentos.  

I hear admitting it is the first step towards recovery- I hope not!

It really doesn't take much to make me happy. . . 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Center Books: Read the Room/Write the Room

Yet ANOTHER center book I use throughout the year is our Read the Room/Write the Room book.  If you've miss the other center posts and would like to read them click HERE.

Read the Room/Write the Room is another repetitive book in nature but keeps the kids engaged and searching for new words every time they use the book.  The book is in ABC order with a few extra pages at the end (ing, sh, wh, ch & th). 
On each page the kids are searching the room for words that match the directions in each box.  

At the beginning of the year I print the cover onto construction paper and bind all the pages into a book.  They keep the book in their special center box and pull it out when it's their turn at this center.

I keep a special box of fun pens, pencils, markers and glasses that the kids use when working on this book.
I even keep the glasses from 3D movies and pop the lenses out.

I like this book because it requires kids to really look at the words in our room (especially the Sight Word Wall, which we call Popcorn words).

If you are interested in looking at this book on TPT ($3.00) click HERE.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Center Books: Popcorn Words (Sight Words)

Another Center book I use is a Sight Word book.  Just like my ABC/Fine Motor Skills book by Sight Word center book also has pages that are repetitive but the activities are diverse enough and hands-on enough to keep the kids interested in it all year long.  

Each sight word in the book has 3 pages of activities:

Page 1:
On the top of this page the kids trace the word using crayons, fun markers, pens, etc.  We make the rule that they  need to trace it 5 times.
On the bottom of the page they cut the word out, unscramble it and glue it back together again.

Page 2:
At the top of this page the kids use magnifying glasses and find the word as many times as they can.  The circle or color the word every time they find it.
On the bottom of the page they uses alphabet stamps to stamp the word.

Page 3:
On this page the kids cut out the scrambled sentence, glue it in order and then draw a picture to match the sentence.

Then the book will repeat these 3 pages again using another sight word.  The great thing about this book is you can put the pages in any order you want.  Here are the words included in this book:

Again, when working in centers some kids will get 1 page done and some will get 4 or 5 pages done. They work at their developmentally appropriate pace.
If you are interested on seeing in on TPT click HERE.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Center Books: Alphabet Recognition & Fine Motor Skills

Another center book my student's enjoy is our Alphabet Recognition & Fine Motor Skills book.  This book helps the kids work on recognizing capital and lowercase letters and also on strengthening small hands.  The great thing about these books is that once they are made they last all year and the kids can work at their own pace each time they get them out.  Some will finish 1 page each time and some will finish 3.  

On the first page of this book there is a capital letter with dots on it at the top.  The kids use alphabet craft punches and construction paper to punch out and glue 1 matching letter for each dot on the letter.  The bottom of the paper contains a variety of letters.  The kids use daubers to mark each letter that matches the focus letter. (On the A page they would find all the capital A's and lowercase a's and mark them.)

On the second page there is a lowercase letter with dots.  Again, the kids punch out and glue 1 matching letter for each dot on the letter.  The bottom of the page contains a variety of letters to trace.  The kids use pens or markers to trace the letter that matches the focus letter. (So on each page they would trace the capital and lowercase a's.)
The book then repeats itself with each letter of the alphabet.  Once the glue on the page dries the kids can also trace the letter and enjoy the tactile feel of the letter.  This book lasts all year in our centers and offers enough variety that the kids use it all year without getting bored.

We keep the craft punches and construction paper in tubs that the kids can easily carry to their work station.

I've recently added this book to TPT.  If you are interested in looking at it click HERE.