Custom Orders

I have had so many requests to "change" my rules packet to fit individual needs I've decided to take custom orders on this product.  (Click the picture to see the free product on TPT.)

I can change the rules, the themes, the colors and add custom pages that are unique to your classroom management system.

I can NOT take custom orders that include Whole Brain Teaching Rules.  WBT is not my creation and I can not make money off of their ideas.  

Price for custom orders is 50 cents per page and I will post the finished product on my TPT store and give others the option to purchase it also.  

There is a minimum charge of $3.00 on all custom products (even if you only order 1 page) because TPT imposes a $3.00 per checkout minimum.

If you are interested in ordering a custom packet please e-mail me at:

Thanks so much!

Click images to view current Custom Products on TPT:

Diana's Custom Classroom Rules:

Lori's Custom Classroom Rules:

Amy's packet includes posters of rules only:

ReaAnn's I'm Done Now What and Supply Cards:


  1. Michelle I have your original pack of rules!! They are awesome!! I was wondering if you can add another one for me:) Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat. If so that wold be PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!

    My email is

    I appreciate all your hard work:) Hope you are having a wonderful year!
    Jill Green

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Thank you for sharing your I'd Done cards. I absolutely LOVE them!! I created a board this year, but love yours! I was wondering if you had anymore options for what to do or if you could make some others for me if possible.

    Thank you for all that you do! I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you have a great school year!!

    Rae :)


    1. Hi Rae! Just got your e-mail. I tried e-mailing you this morning but you must not have received it. I e-mailed again. I hope you get my response...I'm excited to help you out!

  3. Hi Rae,
    I just purchased your "I'm Done! Now What?" package. I have been wanting a package like this for a couple of years. I was so excited to see it on TPT! I do need to ask if you could customize some cards for me. I need the following:
    Sight Word Folder
    Sight Word Ring
    Sight Word Book
    Practice Handwriting
    Leveled Boxes
    Thanks in advance for this. My email address is:

    Cheryl Davis

  4. Michelle,
    I am looking for your school tour cards that you had up. Are they still available?