Monday, September 24, 2012

Number Introduction Time! (Freebie alert!)

This week we'll start introducing #'s 1-10.  We take 2 days for each letter.

Day One:
1.  Read a story about the number being introduced.

2.  Smartboard File for discussing Number Sense.  Kids pick pictures representing the number and move them above the line.  Pictures not representing the number stay below the line:
Available on my TPT for $2.00 (click picture)

3.  Independent practice page:
Available on TPT for $2.00 (click picture)

4.  Math Centers for hands on practice and review of old skills.

Day Two:
1.  Review of Number Sense by completing top of this page together:
Download this file for FREE (click picture)

2.  Number writing practice on bottom of worksheet above.
Each number has a chant we say as we draw the number. I'm sure you've seen these (or version of) before:
1:  Straight line down.  One is fun.
2:  Around and back on the railroad track is two, two, two.
3:  Around a tree, around a tree, that's the way you make a 3.
4:  Down and over and down once more, that's the way you make a 4.
5:  Down and around and a hat on top, man alive you've made a 5.
6:  Down and a loop, a 6 rolls a hoop.
7:  Across the sky and down from heaven, that's the way you make a 7.
8:  Make an S and do not wait, go back up and close the gate.
9:  A balloon and a line, that's the way you  make a 9.

3.  Math Centers for hands on practice and review of old skills!

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  1. Love your number pages! Off to check out your files on tpt! Thanks so much! Thanks for the freebie!

    Kelly Brown

  2. Thanks for the number pages! I really like the format!

  3. Thanks for this!

  4. I love the number practice sheets! Thanks for sharing! :)
    I have a question - The box to the left of the number, is that for place value/tens and ones?

    Mrs. K's Imperfect Journey

    1. Hi Jen! Glad you like them!
      The boxes to the left are something our first grade team does called "part, part, whole" It's a beginning addition skill where the kids "pull" the number apart. So for the number one you could put 0 in one box and 1 in the other (1+0) For the number two you could put 2 and 0 (2 +0) or 1 and 1 (1 +1).
      Hope that makes sense! : )

  5. Thanks for the number pages...just what I was needing!

  6. Love the free number practice pages. Did you or are you making them for the teen numbers too? I would LOVE those as well, even if they are for sale. :-)

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  8. Love this! Thank you so much!