Sunday, November 4, 2012

Scarecrow Season!

It's time for the Scarecrows to make their appearance in Kindergarten!

We have an alphabet read aloud story where a silly scarecrow will use letter sounds to try and scare all sorts of silly things away from A to Z!

Then we'll make a class book using a similar format as the class read aloud:

Our pocket chart activity will use the kids' names and the beginning sounds of their names:
The scarecrow is a pointer we'll use when we read the poem.
a   a   a  
Is what he'll say
When he tries to scare
Addison away!

We'll read our scarecrow emergent reader:
Label scarecrow parts and discuss the parts of a story for the books The Littlest Scarecrow Boy and The Scarecrow's Hat:

And, of course, play some scarecrow math and reading games:

There are a few other Scarecrow activities 
we'll do and I'll post more on that when I have actual pictures for you to see!

If you're interested in any of these activities click the pic to take a look!

And, here are 3 FREE scarecrow poems for you to use to get your classroom quiet, watching you or ready for hallway!
click the pic to download