Saturday, August 30, 2014

Five things I could not have survived the first week without!

The first week (ok, the first four weeks) of kindergarten are always hectic, crazy, fun, draining and...entertaining.  My group has 2 weeks under their belts now....Zero the Hero will visit us for the first time on Tuesday!  I know there are probably new kindergarten teachers everywhere wondering...what did I get myself into?  =)  It's ok, we all get it, don't panic!  I can promise you they do calm down (a little) they do love you no matter how frazzled you are on the inside and they do LOVE everything you do for them.  With that in mind,  here are 5 things I could not have survived  my first two weeks without:
These absolutely necessary posters were created by Peace, Love and Learning and she has them for FREE on her blog!  Click on the pic to go to her's fabulous!!!!
Rules!  Rules!  Rules!  We go over them  Love Whole Brain Teaching!  If you're interested you can get these cards FREE by clicking the picture. 
Sadly these card were created by me and the original file I created them with was corrupted on my computer...gah!  I've had lots of requests to "modify" for individual use but I can't because the file is kapoot!  =(   This download is safe though!!!  =)
Again a FREE download from Growing Kinders!  It's a great discussion tool and helps kids identify above and below the line behavior.  LOVE! 
Candy?  Prizes? they want is to be cheered for!  Look how nicely you lined up...hip hip hooray!   Did you see how Susy helped Brian...seal of approval!  Trust's a high better than tootsie rolls!  And again...FREE from Dr. Jean!
GoNoodle is a must because....they can't sit for longer than ten minutes!  Get them up, move them around, cheer for them and you're good to go for another ten minutes.  Best's FREE (sensing a theme here?)
Hope your first few weeks were as....entertaining as mine were! 


  1. YEA! You blogged! I hope all has been going well for you. Have another fabulous year!! :)

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