Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Center Books: Read the Room/Write the Room

Yet ANOTHER center book I use throughout the year is our Read the Room/Write the Room book.  If you've miss the other center posts and would like to read them click HERE.

Read the Room/Write the Room is another repetitive book in nature but keeps the kids engaged and searching for new words every time they use the book.  The book is in ABC order with a few extra pages at the end (ing, sh, wh, ch & th). 
On each page the kids are searching the room for words that match the directions in each box.  

At the beginning of the year I print the cover onto construction paper and bind all the pages into a book.  They keep the book in their special center box and pull it out when it's their turn at this center.

I keep a special box of fun pens, pencils, markers and glasses that the kids use when working on this book.
I even keep the glasses from 3D movies and pop the lenses out.

I like this book because it requires kids to really look at the words in our room (especially the Sight Word Wall, which we call Popcorn words).

If you are interested in looking at this book on TPT ($3.00) click HERE.


  1. Michelle, I love these posts! They're fabulous! I'm also going to go and check out your TPT store. I just have a couple of questions. I've always been scared to try Write the Room. How many children are walking around at the same time? Does it ever get crazy when they are doing this? Could you maybe let me know a little bit more about how you teach them to Write the Room in an orderly manner.

    Thank you so much!

    Your follower,

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT
    Teaching with Sight

    1. In centers I'll only have 2 kids doing read the room at the same time. However, when I teach it (the book) we all do it together at least 2 times while I walk around and check progress, etc. When I taught it whole group last year (I had 24 students) we all walked around and worked on the M page together (it was our focus letter that day). That way kids who "got it" could help other kids who were struggling. It went really well, not crazy at all. At first our Word Wall is a little bear so we talked about how you can leave some things on a page blank and go back to it another day, etc. I hope this helps!

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