Saturday, September 1, 2012

Zero the Hero!

Zero the Hero made his first visit today!
Isn't this guy cute?  Check  him out here.

  Yep, 10 days done!  I was soooo excited to get Zero's first visit over with started that he came right away this morning!

**We read our Zero the Hero story**

My coworker Tina had an adorable story and we updated it with some new clipart.  The kids loved it!  For your free copy click this pic:

We worked in our Zero the Hero book that Zero left us. 
(I pulled the book up on the smartboard so the kids and I could do it together. I LOVE  my smartboard!)

To look at that packet on TPT ($5.00) click on the pic:

**We sang Dr. Jean's Zero the Hero NumberStomp*
of course!

**Watched Schoolhouse Rock My Hero Zero**

**Zero brought us string and beads to make ourselves necklaces with 10 beads**
(we noticed the beads were shaped like zeros!) 

And an hour later Zero the Hero said good-bye!

After our visit my coworkers and I stumbled across this book in our library:
Absolutely going to use it next year on Zero's first visit!  Will have to be on day 20's visit this year!

The author also has a story out called One that looked amazing also!

I know, corny. . . but I am SOOOO excited for 3 days off!


  1. Love your ideas for Zero the Hero! Our class gets visits from him as well. I just did a post on what we did last year for each 10th day.

    KinderKids Fun

  2. Thank you for all of these wonderful Zero the Hero ideas! You have inspired me to do more things with Zero this year.

    Mrs.G's Kindergarten in Heels

  3. Love Zero the Hero! So adorable! The kids must go crazy for him! I love that you have a little celebration every 10 days.

    Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

  4. Thanks for sharing the cute story! It'll be fun to use next week when Zero the Hero makes his first appearance in our room! Enjoy the long weekend! :)

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    1. Michelle, I needed this yesterday! I guess I'll save it until next time, too. I love your bead idea, I'll have to try that for 20. We traced numerals 1-10 and then used 1:1 to count out 10 round fruit snacks each. It would be really fun to make counting bracelets and then use them later for subtizing. I'm also trying your Handwriting Zoo as we're learning letter formation. It fits perfectly with our "Wild About Learning Theme". Thanks so much for sharing, you're blessing my little ones.

      Donna W

  6. I love your book & ideas! It's been a few years since I've done Zero the Hero, but I plan to have him visit this year. Thank you so much for sharing! Doreen

  7. I use "One" to introduce the topic of bullying--it is a fantastic book!

    Zero came to our class on Friday, also. Well, he actually sent his snack to my house and I brought it to class. (Froot Loops). My Zero is a repurposed Ken doll-photos on my blog, see archives-and he is currently hiding at the bottom of a filing cabinet with his pal Zerona (yup, a princess Barbie). I'm not sure if he will send a snack every ten days, so I didn't introduce him to the class! He'll definitely be there on days 50 and 100. :-)

    Thanks for sharing the story!! ReadWriteSing

  8. WONDERFUL! I am so exicted to share this with my students. This is the perfect book to explain zero the hero. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Hi Michelle!
    I used this book last week for our 10th day of school.
    My little kindies loved it!

  10. My kids love this song!

  11. Thank you so much for the Zero the Book. I made my own Zero the hero puppet and I am giving a snack to each student every 10th day that represents a zero. So far the 10th day of Kinder was a hit this year.

  12. Our entire school in Pasadena, Ca, had "Zero, the Hero" Day every 10th day of school back in 1991. Zero was a real actress from a famous movie who would come in a complete red costume with red mask and cape on a red scooter. She would get us all excited for "0" in a short morning assembly. Every grade level was given an age appropriate activity with all items ready to o in a paper bag. Some activities were "0" lifesaver ratios/graphing, 10 orange circles made a 3-d pumpkin,money activities with "0," M & M activity. fruit loops, Trix, lifesaver gummies, etc. The school had about 700 students; to this day, I do not know who prepped everything for all of us teachers!