Wednesday, October 12, 2011


My class LOVES Fix-A-Name (Found in Deanna Jump's "Back to School" unit...Thank you Deanna!!) Every day we unscrambled one of our classmates names in the pocket chart. I added a little to the activity to go along with my handwriting lessons. (If you saw my post about my handwriting lessons this is one of they ways I use the animals.) We put the matching animals in the pocket chart and "Animalcise" (Animal Exercise) to the name. After we are all tired out we go back to our table spots and cut apart the same scrambled name and glue it back together for our friend. Every kid gets the name scrambled in a different font. The Fix-a-Name "star" unscrambles his name again on the smartboard and then sits back and relaxes as he waits for his friends to bring his name to him all fixed up!

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