Thursday, August 16, 2012

Open House Night

Open House night done (check).  Really love checking things off the list!

My #1 Open House Tip:
Take pictures of your kiddos with their families!

Open House night is CRAZY!  
You meet so many new kids and parents it's hard to remember every single one of them.  

If you take a picture you get to look back at the kids (before they enter your room the first day).

Also, when it's time for conferences you can look back at the pictures to help you remember the parents you haven't seen since Open House night.

I've known some teachers to print the pictures off right away and create a bulletin board display or put the pictures on the kids desks the first day so they have "home" to look at whenever they need to.

That's it....short and sweet!

Back to meetings tomorrow and then schools starts Monday!


  1. Great idea! My meet your teacher just passed but I think I will do this for open house in September.

    Have a wonderful year. Our kiddos start Monday too.


  2. I was just talking about how there are many times I cannot remember which parent went with which student after meeting 15-20 at once at meet the teacher night. I'm sooo taking pictures this year. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!