Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December This and That

Countdown Chains:
Might as well count it down. . . all they can think about is CHRISTMAS!

Trying to get SOMETHING academic in:
Notice how many of things we "know" about reindeer has to do with CHRISTMAS!

After a week of explaining that wild reindeer are different than Santa's reindeer we finally understand the difference (I think):

Wish I could take credit for these cuties.  I just draw them how my coworker Jill tells me to!

And still trying to get something academic in:
I got the shape posters FREE from the blog Guided Math.  Lots of great math stuff!  Check it out HERE!

More updates soon. . . if I survive CHRISTMAS!


  1. So glad to see you blogging again! :) I'm sure your kiddos are having a fabulous time getting ready for the holidays. I know these past couple weeks have been a bit more hectic than usual, but thankfully my group is old enough to realize that the fun stops if the behavior isn't good enough.

    1. I had a feeling I would be getting a comment from you about that! :) I kept expecting an e-mail from you chewing me out! Hee hee! :)

  2. Enjoyed your Pete and shapes posts. Smiles! Jayne

  3. I love the shape poseters! I would love to know how to make them because it would be great to have an oval as well! Thanks!

  4. Where did you get the plastic shapes in different sizes?