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Blog Hop and Swap! Welcome Little Miss Kindergarten!

Yay!  The day is finally here!!!!!!!!  I am over at Kinder Alphabet today guest posting.  Check it out! (Links to all Blog Hoppers are at the bottom of this post.)  BUT before you go please welcome one of my favorite bloggers:

Hello Kinder Friends,
I am so excited to be guest posting for Inspired by Kindergarten today! I can't wait to share a few of my favorite Kinder things with you! I know we are all busy thinking and preparing for a new year, so I hope to be able to give you a few things that you can use or that will get you inspired for a great start. I think Back to School time is my favorite time within the school year. I love it when everything is fresh and new. I love all the Back to School sales and just the planning and preparing to do it all over again. I always want just one more year...
First, getting ready for a new year, you might be thinking about your best teacher friends. If you click on the picture above, it will take you to a free download for a quick teacher gift. All you have to do is print, insert in a frame, add a bow and there you are all ready for some simple and fun gift giving! You can find frames and teacher bags at Dollar Tree. They always seem to have those teacher theme bags and when I see them, I buy them all up!
After you have all of your gifts in bags and ready to go, you will probably start thinking about your classroom. Just like me you are probably wondering what your colors will be and what everything will look like. You know my motto is...sometimes you just have to get crafty! I can show you some quick and easy ways to get your creative mind working in the right direction. How about new curtains for your classroom? What if I told you these could be inexpensive and easy? What if I told you that you could easily change out the fabric and create look of your own? Are you in? I thought you might be so here we go.
Pick out your bandanas.
My bandanas are from Hobby Lobby and I purchased them for a dollar each.
Bandanas 3-4
Curtain rod
Stitch Witch no sew hem tape
Ok, let's get going...
Lay the bandana flat and place the rod on top of the bandana and fold to make a pocket for the rod. Press the fabric down to make a crease.
Measure your hem, tape and cut.
Iron down the fabric over the rod and onto the hem tape. Make sure this pocket is snug. If you make it snug, it will look more like it is a sewn pocket. Now that you have one bandana made you will have to use this as your template to measure out the other bandanas. The reason for this is because bandanas are not made all the same size so you will have to make adjustments. Making these adjustments will allow you to have a straight hem. Trust me on this. Once you have repeated the above steps, you will have the perfect no sew DIY classroom curtains around and just for around ten dollars!
Now that you have the DIY No Sew Classroom Curtains down you probably want the Shut The Front Door Wreath? Yep, I did too!
I purchased all my supplies from WalMart.
Styrofoam wreath
10 packs of assorted size and color balloons
Floral pins at least 200
Ribbon optional
The directions are simple. Lay the wreath flat and pin on balloons in the middle with the floral pins. If you want to add ribbon just cut your ribbon in strips about four inches long. Make a loop and pin on the wreath. You just twist the wreaht and pin away. You pin and pin and pin. And for less than twenty dollars you have a Shut The Front Door Wreath!
Alright friends, if you do not know me you have to know I love dice more than anything. And if you are going to Hobby Lobby for bandanas, you might as well go and get this craft organizer for your dice. Do not forget your coupon because it makes this little nifty box $1.80. So if you get your dice box and have nothing to go in it, you can start your collection at Dollar Tree where they have dice that are colored and black and white in packs for a dollar. Grab a bunch while you are there because you will want them. My favorite beginning of the school year dice activity is my I Love Dice Recording Page.
Click on the image above for your own copy. 
I use this at the beginning of the year when teaching the children how to use dice.
Since we are thinking about all things Back to School, you know I have to mention Science. I LOVE Science so much that I had to create a blog just for all things Science. I hope this year you will join me for some Science Fun! And when I start thinking of Back to School I always think of safety because that is what we start talking about first. If you are talking safety, you have to grab my free Safety Contract. 
Just click on the image below and grab yours!
For more Science Fun join me on my blog!

Currently, I am a part of the Daily 5 book study for Kindergarten. I have had a lot of fun participating and hosting this. If you are interested in joining me and my friends, as we walk through the chapters, I welcome you! To find the previous posts for chapters 1-3 use the search feature on my Little Miss Kindergarten blog and type in Daily 5 Chapter 1, Daily 5 Chapter 2 or Daily 5 Chapter 3. You will find freebies from my kinder friends too!

And when you need a break and are looking for some DIY and cooking fun, I hope you join me on my home blog. This where where I post everything else. Currently I am working in my home office and trying to figure out my new work spaces. One of my favorite posts has some super organizational freebies from Ginger Snaps! I love her graphics and blog. I hope you hope over and check out My So Called Life...
I hope to see you in the hallways of blogland this summer and new school year. I wish you the best year! I hope that we can learn from each other and encourage each other.  And a special thanks to Michelle from Inspired by Kindergarten for inviting me here today and inspiring me along the way! Best wishes from my life's classroom to yours...
Be sure to check out the post on my blog from Apples and ABC's! You are going to LOVE the freebie she is sharing on my blog! Click on the image below and have fun!

Apples and abc's


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