Thursday, October 25, 2012

I think I'm hearing VOICES (freebie!)

Do you do use VOICES in your classroom?
There are some things that are important but become VERY monotonous to do, even for the kids!  For example: Rote counting during calendar.  Is it important?  Yes.  Is it fun. .  .ummmm not really.

So, we spice up our rote tasks by occasionally using a "fun" voice when doing them.  They perk right up when they know they'll get to use a "voice!"
This year I'm trying to put more choices into my students' hands (mainly because this class can handle it!)
I use my Lucky Duck sticks to pick the student who gets to pick the voice we use.
Since I'm letting them pick this year I've made cards to remind the students what their "voice choices" are.  I'm going to put these cards on a ring for the Lucky Duck person to look at when they pick.
It makes rote things like counting, alphabet flashcards, sight word flashcards, etc just a little more exciting for everyone!

I'm also in the process of doing this for our cheers.  More on that soon. . . .

If you'd like a copy of our voices cards please click HERE.

If you use voices I would love it if you'd leave a comment and share some with me!  

Freebie Fridays


  1. This will be great to help counting the hundreds chart! I coudn't find the link to the cards?

  2. What a cute idea!!!! I'm stealing this for sure!

  3. I cannot find the link either, but would love these!

    Learning is for Superstars

  4. Love these, and would love to use them. Couldn't get the link either though. One voice my children love is using "the boss" voice, and we even kick back and prop our feet up and use our most serious voice. They get a kick out of the sillyness of it!
    Thanks for sharing these.

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  6. Hi there...i also LOVE your voice cards...i do this as well but don't have as many voice ideas as you have come up with and your cards are adorable. My class would love them but Unfortunately, I can't fine the link either.

  7. SO cute! I love that they are on cards with pictures! We use voices, but I just call them out. The kiddos would love to see the pics too! I would love a copy of

  8. I'm all about mixing things up. The kids are too. Thank you for sharing.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  9. hi, i'm trying to access the link, too.

  10. I am having trouble accessing the link too :(

  11. Along with many others, the link will not give access to the takes us to a duct tape blog. I use these voices in my Pre-K class when we do the alphabet. The children love it so I was excited to see more voices being offered. Please provide the link.

  12. Sorry everyone! Link fixed now! If you left your e-mail I sent them to you!

  13. Hi there!
    I am so sorry, but I can't seem to get the link to work as well. May I have them emailed?
    They are adorable!

    1. So sorry! I forgot to leave my email....
      Thank you!

  14. Thank so much for loads of great ideas!
    I would like to make a little suggestion, although this is a great freebie, it would be slightly better for me if the 'soldier' card had a picture of a generic soldier on it instead of an American flag! Of course, the flag is applicable to most of your customers, but as I teach in Ireland the picture makes no sense, so I had to leave it out. I hate to criticise but I thought maybe the suggestion could help you. :)

  15. Michelle, you've inspired me! We usually count with an action, but by the 50th day of school when the calendar helper chooses an action -- the usual jumping elicits a big groan (with the teacher being the loudest, lol). This could make it more fun, especially if we pair it with an action. My guys need to wiggle some more by this point!

    Donna W.