Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Tried the whole shopping at midnight thing.  My mom and sister and I stayed up playing cards until 11:30 and then headed into the stores.  WOW.  I love shopping but THAT was NOT shopping!  That was a mob of crazy people pushing, shoving and snarling to get $5.00 extra off a Barbie car.  Hee people watching EVER!  One lady was blocking the isle with her cart and no one could get around her.  We sat there for about 90 sec (not very long) and then she "realized" we (all 20 of us) where waiting to get around her (yeah, like she didn't see us).  She apologized (sort of) and my mom and I smiled at her and said in our sweetest voices, "No problem, we're in no hurry."  And of course we meant it because we were mainly there to watch the chaos but she turned to her friend and said, "People in this store are so polite!"  And she had this totally shocked look on her face. 

Then we made some flip comment about wishing we had an ad because everyone seemed really excited about the deals (they were RUNNING from isle to isle!)  Some nice lady overheard us...she had her arms piled high with about 6 boxes but she stopped walking and threw her arms up and said "If you reach in my coat pocket you can have mine."  How nice is that?!?  She was obviously stressed out trying to hold all her boxes (no carts left) and she stopped to help us.  Loved it.

We didn't buy anything and were were all home by 1:30 but it was fun!  It also made me very grateful for Cyber Monday!  I love online shopping almost as much as I love people watching!  TPT is having their own sale on Monday.  Right now my products are all on sale for 20% off.  If you wait until Monday and use the code above you'll get 30% off.  Lots of techers are having a sale for Cyber Monday so don't forget to check them out.  Lots of great Christmas products!  What the Teacher Wants has a free Christmas writing activity that looks fun and easy!

Happy Shopping!

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