Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DJ Inkers Freebies

Tammy from Live, Love, Laugh Everday in Kindergarten posted today about a copyright issue with DJ Inkers and freebies.  I did not know we couldn't share DJ inkers projects.  I knew we couldn't sell them but didn't know we couldn't share them.  So sad.  A few of my freebies will have to come off.  So sorry.  DJ Inkers is missing out on a great market.  Love their stuff but won't be purchasing more if it means I can't share!

A few things I had to remove because they contained DJ inkers clipart and/or fonts:
ABC Posters
Thanksgiving Bracelet
ABC Writing and Drawing

I will try to redo these projects without DJ inkers but it might be awhile before I get them replaced.  Ugh.

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