Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Elf Emergent Reader Freebie

Crazy, crazy, crazy time of year!  I finally got my Holly Bloggy Christmas gift done and boxed to find time to get to the post office! 

If you click on the picture above it will take you to my TPT store where you can download a fun little Emergent Reader for FREE!  Looooove freebies!!!

Here's my funny for the day:  While decorating for Christmas the other day the song Feliz Navidad came on the radio and my 5 year old daughter said, "Oh mommy, I love this song!" and started singing along.  Her version of the song goes likes this, "These naughty dogs...these naughty can't see no fleas on these naughy dogs."  HA!  Of course teacher mom in me started to teach her the "right" words but she just gave me a strange look and said, "Mom, that makes NO sense."  I love the 5 year old minds!

By the way....18 days to Christmas!!


  1. Thank you for the cute Elf emergent reader. I am your newest follower! Cute blog.

  2. How cute is this? I am your newest, new follower now!