Sunday, April 29, 2012

New computer and a freebie!

Side bar:
So my hubby was using my computer last night (while I was fast asleep like a good girl) and he spilled his beer  on it.  It would turn on, the mouse still worked but the keyboard was ka-put!  Thankfully he waited until after church today to break the news.  His exact words were, "Hey honey. . . can I buy you a new computer?"  I have to admit, that was the best way to break the news.

So, after a long day of moving files (thank goodness that was still possible) everything is set back up, nothing important was lost, and I now have a faster computer.  Yeah spilled beer!

Now...on to the teaching stuff:
My pocket chart center this time of year is Scrambled Sentences.  The kids put the sentence in order and then write the sentence paying particular attention to putting spaces between their words!  Click here for a free download of 14 scrambled sentences.  The pictures on the cards are from DJ Inkers.


  1. Thank you so much. These will be really useful. They are bright and engaging. Can't wait to see how well my little kindies will do with them.

  2. Before I download...I was wondering if there is correction that needs to be made????..."look at the fat on the mat"? was that meant to be fat cat or rat???? Or perhaps you have already made the correction and I missed it?

  3. Lol! I’m assuming your computer did not work properly after the spilling incident, eh? Well, the good thing was your husband immediately asked for your permission to buy a new computer, and you were still able to back up all your files. Dealing with a damaged PC is such troublesome, and I think it is much better that you purchased a new one.

    Lance Vartanian