Saturday, November 3, 2012

Magic Squares (Giveaway!!!!)

Have you tried the Magic Squares from HoJo's Teaching Adventures yet?   
They are so much fun! 
 I introduced them this week in my Literacy Centers.
I tried the capital/lowercase match set and the kids LOVED them!  They even. . . gasp. . .asked to "play with them" during Choice Time!!!

I put them in my magnet center (although they can be used without magnets too.)

I put a finished square at the top so they knew what the finished shape would look like.
I put each magic square in it's own bag and numbered them on the back (I didn't want the pieces from different puzzles getting mixed up.)
The best part about this activity is that it's not just 
matching capital and lowercase- it's also problem solving where each piece goes so it matches up to other pieces.  

HoJo makes these for a variety of grade levels for both literacy and math AND she's agree to let me give away 1 (of your choice) to 10 lucky winners!

To sign up for a chance to win one all you  need to do is visit her TPT store, become a follower and check out her Magic Squares.  If you win you get to pick which Magic Square you would like for your classroom!

Here's a free Thanksgiving Magic Square from HoJo's TPT store for you to try!

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  1. Thank you! I soooo owe you a beverage the next time we get together! (Are you keeping track of who owes who what? We might have to go out for awhile!!)

    1. : ) I love excuses to go out! If we keep this up though we'll need a whole month to break even! : )