Monday, November 19, 2012

Numbers 1-10. . . the next step

October and November where full over activities that focused on numbers 1-10. 
We read books, sang songs, wrote the numbers, introduced collection boxes, played games, and on and on and on. . . .
(Click HERE  to see introduction to numbers.)

After all that hard work on introducing numbers I was ready to branch out and see what the kids where thinking about numbers.

We created whole group collection boxes: 

The kids were sent out into the room to find anything they could that reminded them of the number we were working on. 

 Most kids are still thinking of counting objects when they do this.  I would think these are the "typically developing kinders" who are exposed to numbers but are still very concrete thinkers.
From this group of kids we got a lot of groups of 5 objects (books, food, cubes, pictures of friends, etc.)

There were a handful of kids who where "thinking outside the box."  These are my higher level thinkers who have been exposed to numbers and the world in general more than the average 5 or 6 year old.  They brought us:
*the #5 from our calendar
*our Dottie Domino Card with 5 dots
*dice showing the number 5
*schedule cards (snack & lunch) because each of those words had 5 letters in them
*a picture of a friend from the class who is 5
*one kid used herself as her example because she was 5

The third group of kids where still wandering around the room even after 5 minutes wondering what they could bring to the floor.  They were the kids who have not been as exposed to numbers as the typically developing student or kids who just don't see the world in numbers. . . yet.

After spending several days on our whole group collection boxes we paired off into groups of 2 and made collection box number posters. 
I supplied them with a variety of supplies (magazines, stickers, empty tens frames, old craft supplies, etc.) and they came up with a poster representing their number.

On day one we gathered our ideas and either glued them to index cards that where cut in half or put them into our number baggies.
Day two we shared our ideas with the class, created a few more ideas for our posters (inspiration struck some after their friends shared ideas) and then the last day we glued all our ideas onto our posters and decorated them.

Now we're going to take a little break from numbers and work on shapes.  

Then we'll be back for numbers 11-20!


  1. Love this idea! I'll be sharing it on Pinterest. :)

  2. Okay, I love this idea! Going to try it with my students!
    Thank you!