Monday, March 25, 2013

Duck or Rabibit& A Fantastic Blog Giveaway!

First of all, head over to Happy Teacher Heaven blog right away and sign up for her awesome 100 followers giveaway!  So many great prizes!  Leave Amy some love while you're there and sign up to follower her fabulous blog!  
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And now for some Easter love:
It never fails. . . this time of year by lovely kinders become as close as brothers and sisters.  Along with that fantastic bond comes. . . fighting, arguing, bossing and all other sorts of fun (haha) issues.

So, this is the PERFECT time of year to read the book Duck!  Rabbit!  by Amy Krouse.  

In the book 2 kids are fighting over whether the picture is of a duck or a rabbit.  (This book is on Tumblebooks if you have an account.)

We read the story and then graphed our opinion.
Of course, half way through the story the kids started to argue whether it was a duck or a rabbit!
After we graphed our opinion we found out that we are ALL right (or all wrong depending on how you look at it.)  We had a great discussion
on how arguing is silly and not very likable and that it's ok if we aren't always "right" and our friends aren't always "wrong."

Then we finished this art project to remind ourselves of this important lesson.
Sadly, I don't have a copy of this project saved to a file.  I got it from the wonderful teacher I student taught under 16 years ago! 

Later that day 2 of my cuties started to fight over something silly and inconsequential and all I had to say was, "Duck or rabbit?" and the fighting stopped immediately!  Woo hoo!  =)

Celebrate the little things!


  1. Michelle,
    You are too sweet!! Thank you for the shout-out and especially thank you for donating your awesome Handwriting Zoo pack. My kinders are working very diligently on letter formation right now and your pack is just what we need!! I know the winner will be so thrilled to receive it!! And, I'm loving Duck! Rabbir! I'm going to have to try to find a template online. It's perfect for this week. Thanks for sharing!!

    Happy Teacher Heaven

  2. Quack, quack, quack, this duck will say.
    Turn him over, and he hops away.

  3. This is a great lesson, Michelle! I think even older students could learn a lot from reminders like this. It's a nice way to "remind" them how silly they sound sometimes! Magi, I love the rhyme. :)