Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Prizes, Peeps and I'm Pooped!

Kimberly Ann over at Live, Laugh, I LOVE Kindergarten is having a fantastic giveaway to celebrate 300 followers!  Hop on over, enter her giveaways and leave her some love while you're there!

Not the cutest glyph ever but it was fun and it served it's purpose!
Question #1:  What is your favorite color of Peep?
(paint peep that color)

Question #2:  Which part of the Peep do you eat first (1 ear, 2 ears or the tummy?)
(cut that part of the peep off)

Question #3:  Do you like Peeps? 
Of course for this question we actually tasted a Peep so it was the kids' FAVORITE question.
(yes= draw on a face   no= no face)

adorable:  no!        Fun:  yes!

We hung them up and then analyzed our glyphs and recorded the data. 
Click HERE for your freebie.

I'm Pooped!
kindergarten screening
report card
Peep art project
Daughter's birthday party
science fair
color eggs
clean house 
brunch with in-laws in newly cleaned house

The "TO DO" list is getting shorter but I still look and feel like this: 

And this is just SO true:


  1. Thank you for the fun peep ideas and freebies. Your list makes me tired just looking at it but at least it is getting shorter! Enjoy the day and thanks for the fun blog!

  2. Thanks fort the shout out! You are the best! Love the peep activity!!! :)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  3. Cute peep idea! I'm totally pinning that! I love how you incorporated three questions into it. :)


  4. Hi Michelle, I recently purchased your letter recognition power points, and I am wondering if you are planning to create power points for the letters ehjquvwxyz? Thanks.

    1. I am currently work on those! I hope to get them on TPT very soon!