Monday, December 26, 2011

Flip Flap Resolutions

Anyone love Flip Flap books as much as I do?  They can be use for absolutely anything!  Here's one I used to do with my first graders.  They would write a New Year's resolution under every flap.  I might try it this year with my kindergarteners....if I can explain the word "resolution."  Hhmm....maybe I'll try it next year....

If you haven't made Flip Flap books yet here are the directions:
Fold on the solid line.
Unfold and cut the dotted lines until the reach the fold (stop at the fold!)
Fold again and your book will flip and flap! Lift up the flaps to write your resolutions.

Live, Laugh, Love Everyday in Kindergarten is hosting a linky party about New Year's Resolutions.  Here are mine:
Personal:  Spend more time with my family.
Professional:  Organize!!!
Blogging/TPT:  Increase sharing and thanking others for their sharing!


  1. Thanks for this Great Idea...I love a good flip book and I added resolutions ( Work Hard,
    Be Kind, Play nicely, and Be Happy) in little frame to cut and glue inside. My kiddos are not all able to write yet so this is a good alternative.
    Again LOVE LOVE the idea.

  2. Barbara, Great idea! I think I'll steal your idea and do that with my kids also! You could even do more than 4 resolutions and let them pick which 4 they want to do. Thanks for adding to the project! Love it!