Tuesday, January 10, 2012

100th Day....8 days away! (Freebie Alert!)

Our 100th day is getting close so I looked through my 100th day file today to decide what to bring to planning tomorrow with my wonderful co-workers!  Here's run down of what I "usually" do:

*Hundred day necklace:  I have them sort beads by color into groups of 10 and then put them on a string in those groups (good visual for 10 groups of 10= 100)
*Hundred Gallon hat:  Looks like a cowboy hat but it's divided into 10 sections.  The kids draw 10 things in each section (anything they want).  Another visual for 10 groups of 10= 100
*Writing:  If I had $100 I would.....
*100 Day Art:  This is the freebie (click on pic above for download).  Check it out...it's a lot of fun!

Last year I took them to the gym and we did 100 jumping jacks, tried to spin a hoola hoop 100 times (HILARIOUS!), and tried to keep 100 balloons in the air for 100 seconds.  Wore them out....loved it!


  1. Great ideas! I just found your blog and love it!!

  2. thank you so much for the 100 day chart and cards ..... I am one week away from 100 day.

    theverybusykindergarten :)

  3. Love this idea! Our 100th day is Monday so it is just in time!!!