Monday, January 2, 2012

b and d Confusion

Don't have a whole lot to share tonight (pic above is from Really Good case you haen't seen it, it is a poster they sell.)  Back to school tomorrow so that's on my mind.  A little denial going on actually.   Here's a quick feebie...nothing hard to make but thought I'd share.  I love it when I see my kinders put their thumbs up to "make their beds" and check their b's and d's.

You can use this worksheet in lots of ways.  Pick which letter you want your students to find and have them use daubers to mark them,  fun markers to circle them, trace under the letters until you find the letter and then loop the letter without picking up your pencil (anyone remember that from VOWAC?s  It's good way to practice visual tracking), use see through colored chips to cover the letter, etc.

That's it for tonight.  Back to work tomorrow..... sob yeah.


  1. This is kind of silly...but I tell my kiddos the difference between a b and d is this: a b has a big belly, and a d has a big derriere (which they think is hilarious). They actually say that out loud when they write. It cracks me up, but it's working!

  2. One of my first graders shared his strategy: "Whenever I see a b or d, I imagine the top bubble of a 'B' sitting on the stick. If it makes a B, it's a b. If it doesn't, it's a d."

  3. Thanks! Just so you know, name is misspelled on your sheet.


  4. name is spelt wrong.
    open doc, take screen shot. open screen shot with paint/word & place a text box ontop, dont forget a white background to cover up the one under it.

  5. "NAME" is spelled wrong on the worksheet.