Wednesday, January 25, 2012

100th Day...Hip Hip Hooray...It's Over!

Here's our day in a "nut" shell (actually yesterday was the 100th day but I came home from all the chaos fun and fell asleep....exhausting!)

*As a "home" project the kids made 100th Day Posters.  Here's my daughters.  We used band aids to make tally marks.

*We made 100 Day Masks

*We made 100 Gallon hats and drew 10 things in each of the 10 sections.

We sorted beads (10 beads in each section) and made necklaces.

*We finished out Zero the Hero book and ate our 100 day treat that Zero the Hero brought us.

*We searched our room for numbers and colored our hundreds chart to find the surprise picture.

It was an long exciting day and I was thilled relieved when our schedule returned to "normal" today.
If you're interested in the mask, hat or hundred chart art click here.


  1. Thank you so much for these freebies. Our 100th day is Tuesday and I was looking for the 100 grid hidden picture. Question for you about the 100th day at the zoo book. Do you have them color the animals on the page 2 different colors and that is how you come up with the number sentence at the top of the page (like 5 brown bears and 5 black bears 5+5=10?) I love the book, it is great.


    1. Glad you like it! Good question! Yep, we color the groups of animals different colors. I tried to seperate the groups a little so the kids would see a group of 4 and another group of 6, etc. Might be even easier to see if I put some sort of box or border around each group. I didn't do it with my group this year but last year they did really well with it.

  2. Tell me about your Zero the Hero book, I use this in my K5. Zero brings us 100 things to share in our class for the 100th day since we count out our own 100 piece GORP snack. This year the kids got 100 Crayola twistables color pencils to use in Art. Last year 100 Crayola skinny markers (and they are still going)! See it's just an excuse to buy some new art material!

    1. Cute idea! I like that they get supplies to use...very fun! The Zero the Hero book I use is from Growing Kinders. I got it on her Teachers Pay Teacher store.