Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Report Card Procrastination

Should be working on report cards.  Don't want to.

Soooo...instead I am writing sight words on feet.  We walk the feet and say the words as we walk.  Helps promote fluency of the words as the kids do NOT want to have to stop.  I put a few velcro pieces on the back (2-3 pieces depending on the size of your feet...hee hee.) Of course make sure you use the scratchy velcro not the fluffy velcro. I love kindergarten teachers because you know exactly what I mean when I say that!  My husband would crinkle his nose and me and look perplexed. 

I used to tape these to the floor but they still slipped and the "Cleaning Powers that Be" said "no, no."  

I also used to have some fun slippers I let the kids put on while they did this activity but I have a new "issue" with stinky feet smell.  Ugh!  So, no more slippers.

Ok, sigh, back to report cards.


  1. I WILL use this!! Thanks for sharing! And I'm so glad the b & d saying works for your lil' guys and girls!!

  2. Love this idea! I've been looking for some ideas to work on sight words with my preschooler and I'm soooo using this!

  3. My students love this! Thanks for sharing and linking up.