Monday, February 6, 2012

Word Family -at (freebie)

Over half way through kindergarten and we are hard at work on our word families.  We work on 1 word family a week.  Last week was -at.  This week is -en.  Every day we have a different way to build our words.   In the next few weeks I plan to highlight some of the ways we practice.  Above is one of our centers.  We call this playdough splat.  The kids "splat" a piece of playdough on the pages (which are inside clear sleeves) and stamp the missing letter. (We use lakeshore alphabet playdough stampers.)   Click on the picture above for your free copy of our -at family pages.

Tomorrow and Wednesday I am off to Common Core Training!  Woot woot!
Just finished 2 days of lessons plans- 12 pages!! 
Oh that bad??  Does that make me a control freak??


  1. Do you have more of the word family mats?

  2. I'm looking for the rest of your word family splat games. I went to your TPT site and didn't see them. If you posted them there I would be very happy to buy them. :)

    1. I do have more but the cliparts are a hodge podge of lots of different sources so I wasn't sure (b/c of copyright) if should post it. However, if you e-mail me at and leave your e-mail address I will gladly e-mail the file to you.

    2. Please email me copy
      Love this!