Thursday, February 2, 2012

Random Thoughts About Gloves

It is that time of year....I have a pile of mismatched cheap gloves that no on in my class wants to claim.  They are worthless $1.00 gloves that don't keep hands warm at all and no one seems to know how they got all over our floor!!  Do I find this annoying?  YES!   But, I hate to throw things away...even cheap gloves.  So, here is my list of useful ways to "recycle" these irritating & apparently orphaned articles of clothing:

1.  Use them as white board erasers (I have collected so many over the years that each of my students keeps one in their seat sack as their eraser.  Plus, they keep their marker inside their glove so it's fast and easy to find...theoretically.)

2.  Have students put them on to clap syllables in words

3.  Use them for crafts (seriously, just google "glove crafts" and you'll be looking at adorable gloves for hours minutes about 30 seconds)

4.  Cut the fingers out of them and wear them to keep your hands warm when your district's budget is cut and your building heat is set to 68 (feels more like 65 to me! Brr....) 

5.  Put them on the hands of any nose pickers you have (or hand lickers).

Ok, I'm out of ideas.  I actually only use them for reasons 1 and 2 above but I think #5 might actually work!

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  1. I like #5! But #4 is very true:) I have a black pair right up by my smartboard that I wear on the 65 degrees-oh I mean 68 degree days!