Monday, August 27, 2012

How Do You Line Up?

In the classroom:
This is our line. 
 Our toes goes on the tape.
Painters tape of course!
You know me. . . I LOVE duct tape. . .but our janitors don't! 
(Teacher Rule #1:  Keep your dear janitors happy!)

Close up picture of tape:

This is our line.
Our toes go on the paw prints!
The paw prints are spray painted on the cement.  
Can't take credit for the idea though!  
It was the brain child of my excellent coworker Jill.  Genius!
Each class has it's own color so my kids know to line up on the orange prints, etc.

And a little bragging: 
We have the BEST principal ever!  
She called and got permission from our maintenance manager, bought us the spray paint AND helped us spray the prints.  
She even touched them up for us this year!

How do you line your kids up?  
Do you have a tip for us?


  1. I love painters tape- so janitor friendly :)

    The Learning Tree

  2. I have used painters tape in the past years but it always wears out after a few months and falls off. This year I used calendar numbers that I printed off of TpT. I tapes them down with clear tape. The janitors don't seem to mind since they have to clean and wax the floors every year. Our janitors seem to be more concerned about the carpet. They don't like playdough or glitter so I make my littles promise that they won't use either anywhere near the carpet.

    Out side, in the hallways, our principal painted a bright yellow line going down the center of all the hallways. Our kinders know to line up on that line. When we walk in the hallway, the bright yellow line keeps them straight. I love our principal for doing this. It has made walking in the hallway so much easier.

    Have a great year!

  3. I love those paw prints! Such a great idea!

  4. I use stars or some type of cut out shape that I write numbers on and contact paper them on. I then give each student a number and whenever we leave the room we line up on our numbers. It prevents a lot of arguments over spots in line.

  5. I used pawprints and numbers taped to the floor for years, until last year. Then it dawned on me that if I spent so much thought choosing the perfect square on the carpet with compatible neighbors (or no neighbors, sometimes) for each little darling -- then that makes the perfect line! So now, we line up on our meeting carpet (the one with 30 squares). Now I had always assigned places in line before, so even on a field trip my little friends could place themselves in their regular line order! But with this year's group, I've only assigned one block so far to a special little friend. The others I've allowed to choose so far.

    Donna W.

  6. I use clear tape to adhere small triangles, rectangles, circles, squares, and ovals to the floor. I tell each child a specific shape to stand on (easy to find since there are 4 of each shape). If the child is still learning shapes, I give them a visual clue to help them find the correct shape. Learning shapes while lining up!

  7. our school is mainly early childhood. (3 years up to 2nd grade) we have two colored lines down each hallway. the way our school is set up we have to use three different colors. so down one hallway we have red on one side and green on the other side. down another hallway it's green and blue and the third hall is red and blue. these are put down with "floor tape" and waxed over. in the classrooms (with tile) we use electrical tape. it stays down really well, doesn't tear very easily, and comes up without leaving any residue. :) in my class i write numbers on the electrical tape for each kid to stand on. the first semester i put down four different colors with 1-5 on each color(i teach 4 year olds). at christmas i pull up the four colors and put down one solid color and write numbers 1-20 all the way down the line.