Wednesday, August 22, 2012

So Sorry! E-mail issues!

School started this week! 
 On Sunday night this was me:
I admit I was a little lot worried.

Monday was GREAT!  
I have a super fantastic class this year!
Here's me on Monday night:

Tuesday was ok . . 
My hubby left on a business trip Monday and I had to run errands and kids to soccer, etc.
 (single parents I admire you soooo much!)
This was me on Tuesday night:

Today was good. Hubby came home tonight so I got to pawn the overly tired kids off on him.  Was going to turn in early and get some much needed sleep and then found out hotmail was putting A LOT of e-mails into my "junk" folder that it shouldn't have! AUGH! 
 Here's me now:
This mad face is directed towards hotmail! 

Still 2 days left this week and I know the rest of the week will bring this:

And this long post is just to apologize to anyone who has e-mailed me and hasn't heard back from me yet!  Please e-mail me again if I haven't answered you!  I promise I'm not ignoring you on purpose!  I answered half the e-mails tonight and will work on the other half tomorrow night but I might have accidentally deleted some e-mails I shouldn't have!

Hmm. . . I think it's pretty obvious I ramble when I'm tired.


  1. I have always believed that the first week of school should be only a 2 day week. Then the next week can be a three day week. Then a four day week. Until we build up our stamina for a 5 day week. Not only are we exhausted by the 4th day but so are the kiddos.

    Good luck!