Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mrs. Muncher!

Mrs. Muncher visited yesterday.  She is an oldie.  Her hair is falling out, her eyes are sagging, and at some point a few lovable children't tried to pull the letters off her tummy. The kids still love it when she visits though. . . probably because she always brings something fun to share with them!

Is it sad to say I've been teaching so long I don't remember where they original idea for Mrs. Muncher came from? We used to "feed" her while practicing sounds during centers but my genius coworkers introduced me to the "Mystery" game and the kids LOVE it. . .  so now she has a new purpose!

The kids have to guess what's in her tummy before she'll share with them.   I give a clue and the kids make some guesses.  Then I give another clue and they can guess some more.  I give 3 clues in all and HOPEFULLY by the 3rd clue we get the answer right.

Clue #1 today was "It starts with the letter T."

After a few guesses I gave clue #2 "It is brown."
(The crossed out words are words that were guessed that didn't make sense anymore after we heard the 2nd clue.)

Then clue #3 "You can eat it."
(We crossed off some more words but I forgot to take another picture.)

It's actually harder than it sounds. 
 They get off track on the 2nd clue and really off track on the 3rd.
I started to hear guesses like "chocolate, donuts, hersery's bar, etc."
(I don't write those answers down because we have to agree the answer "makes sense" before it's added to our list.)

I finally gave up today and gave a 4th clue "Sometimes they give them out for treats at banks."

Woo-hoo!  They finally guessed it!

Tomorrow she'll have rocks in her tummy!

Throughout the first semester she'll bring us something to represent every letter of the alphabet.  The kids get really good at guessing  what's in her tummy by December.
 (Then Mrs. Rist's Muncher Money is gone and she goes into hiding until next year!)


  1. LOVE this idea and immediately began thinking of ways to use it with older kids ... inference work came to mind right away. I think my kiddos would get a kick out of Mrs. Muncher!

  2. Hi Michelle, I'm hoping you can tell me where you purchased your dome-lid trash can. I've been searching every store I could think of on the web and can't find them anywhere. Please help if you can. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Pamela Ruff, Pre-K Teacher (28 years)

    1. Oh boy...good question. I've had her for about ten years now. I think I got it at Shopko. Hope you find one!

    2. the dollar tree has them too ! the colored garbage can with flip top lid