Saturday, June 8, 2013


So back in MARCH I started this blog post about our pirate week and I'm just NOW getting it finished and have put it on TPT.  
Hello, my name is Michelle and I am a procrastinator!  =) 

Well... better late than are some of our activities from Pirate week.

We used this book to guide our learning for the week:

We made inferences as to what the pirates where saying in the book and also what the pirate vocabulary meant and made posters as the book taught us the "real" meaning of each word:

After learning the true meaning of the words we completed some papers to reinforce our learning:

We finished our unit by having a Pirate Day. We went on a treasure hunt, made pirate maps, and drew pirates:

We also engaged in some pirate writing activities but I didn't get pictures of that and obviously it's too late now!  Oops!

The kids LOVED learning how to talk like a pirate and were really engaged in learning "Pirate Vocabulary." A favorite of theirs. . . learning that "booty" meant treasure.  I thought maybe the thrill of hearing me say "booty" would die down as the week went on but nope!  They giggled every time I said it!  = )

If you're interested in my Pirate Pack check it on on TPT:  just click the picture!

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  1. Michelle your pirate week sounds and looks super adorable! I am going to be doing a pirate themed week during my Summer Camp program at my center and I can't wait to purchase your tpt pirate pack!! Thanks for the inspiration :)