Friday, June 7, 2013

Clipart Challenge

Several fabulous clipartists and bloggers have come together for an amazing Clipart Challenge hosted by Primary Possibilities!  Each blogger is featuring a clipartist and a product they made using that artist's images!  This is a great way to discover new clipart creators for your summer creations.   So keep reading and following the linky at the bottom to head on to the next post!  You may even pick up some freebies along the way!

I had the honor of creating a new product using clipart from Dancing Crayon Designs. 

 I was so excited when I saw their clipart and had a REALLY hard time deciding which ones to use because they were all so great!  Click on the following links to check out some of my favorites or click on the pic above to check out all their clipart!

Warm Fuzzies (these are ADORABLE!)
Background pack (On my wishlist!!)
Fun Frames (so many uses!)
Bean Seeds, Bean Sprouts and Seedlings (would be VERY useful for a plant unit!)
Monster Mail Stamps (cute, cute, cute!)

In the end I picked these two clipart packs to create this new (FREE) product for my classroom and for you all, of course!

I made 6 math games/centers using the clipart focusing on the skill counting 0-10.
Here are some images from the pack:

But hey, it's FREE so download it now for FREE and you can see and have it all for FREE!  
(Did I mention it's FREE?)
Click HERE to download it now!

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  1. I dont think the link is working.... :(
    But SUPER cute!! :)

  2. I LOVE this!! I love that it is FREE too!! :) Thanks for linking up!!

  3. Hi Michelle,

    These look fantastic!!! This Clip Art Challenge was lots of fun to be a part of.

    Thanks so much - it was great 'working' with you!

    Dancing Crayon Designs

  4. Love your blog! Following you so I can maybe link up next time. I am a newbie but have a lot to share!!! I love making clip art!


  5. Isn't it cool how clip art can be inspiring!

    Mrs. Harris
    Mrs. Harris Teaches Science!