Friday, June 14, 2013

Center Books: Handwriitng/Writing

In my previous posts I've mentioned a few of my centers.  The rest of my centers are all what I call my "Center Books."  They are repetitious in nature but have plenty of hands-on varying activities to keep the kids learning and interested throughout the entire year.  I really like these books because once I teach them I never have to change them and they kids are engaged and learning every time they work in them.  

My center books are:
Read the Room/Write the Room
Popcorn Words (Sight Words)
Alphabet Recognition/Fine Motor Skills

Each student has their own box where they store their books:

I've posted about my Handwriting/Writing book before but in case you missed it, here is it:

One of my consistent centers is my Handwriting/Writing Bucket.  In the bucket are 26 envelopes (one for every letter of the alphabet!)  The kids write each of the words from the envelope into their dictionaries during center time.  
Their goal is to practice and perfect their handwriting but also to expand their vocabulary (hopefully!)

I've been using this as as Handwriting Center for YEARS and decided it needs an update for next year!

I kept the "easy" pages with the lines like you see in the pictures:

But I also added a little bit more challenging version where the kids have to use the 3 handwriting lines:

AND and even more challenging page with a writing component (kids pick one of the words from the envelope and write a sentence/draw a picture about it):

I also added some fun picture cards (8 for each letter of the alphabet):

And there are also labels for the envelopes to keep the cards in:

Once this center is set up it will last the whole year!  Love simplicity!
Next post will be:  Alphabet Recognition/Fine Motor Skills book.


  1. Thank you for talking about your centers! I am wondering a few things...
    What does your station management board look like?

    How or what plan do you have for who you will work with each day? (I'm going into my second year and want to be more intentional..--I found that after I got everyone where they needed other than my low babies I was. Not sure what/or who to work with at times)

    Do you have a seperate time for Guided Reading?

  2. I have a stations board on my smartboard. I take pictures of either the locations of the room where they are to do their work, the bucket they are to use or the book they are to work in. Next to the picture of the task is the name of the 2 students who are to work at that station that day.
    I do not have a separate Guided Reading Time. However, our school has small group reading time once a day where we split the kids into small reading groups much like Guided Reading.
    Most of the time I have Common Core testing of some sort to do with the kids so I will use my center time to work on the testing. Other times I gather work that certain kids are struggling to finish and I help them finish and sometimes I just walk around and assist struggling students with their centers, discuss their work with them or have them explain to me what they are doing.
    Hope this helps!

  3. I really like this! We currently do a dictionary where they fill in a letter and draw the picture. I think focusing on handwriting is so much more meaningful! It's on my wish list! Traci

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