Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Favorite Purchase

Isn't this digital frame awesome!?!   The white part is a magnetic dry erase board and there's a record option.  Kids press the green button to hear the message!  How fun is that!!!  : )

Confession:  I actually bought it LAST summer!
It was on my "to do list" to get pictures ready to put on it and use it in centers.  It stayed on my list.  It's still on my list.  I'm working on it. . . slowly.  I have M, R, S & T done. (I chose those 4 letters because it's the first 4 my kindergarten team teaches.)  

Here's what's done so far:
*MRST PowerPoint for my Smartboard
In the PowerPoint there is a "shout it out" section where the letters flip and the kids shout out the letters.  Then the letters slow down and the kinders graph the letters that come on the screen.  

*The recording sheets (2 choices):

*I also have the jpg images from the PowerPoint saved to be loaded onto the digital frame. 

Here's a screen shot of the Power Point (the same images are saved in jpg format for the photo frame.)

4 letters down. . . 22 to go!  

If you're interested in these files I am giving it away for free from my TPT store.  Click here to grab it and try it out with me!

P.S. if you're interested in the frame just click the picture to view it on Amazon.


  1. I love this idea and the digital frame is so reasonable.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks Ann! I thought the same thing about the price. . . $30 for a photo, magnetic, dry erase, messaging frame! It's a teacher's dream frame! : )

  2. What a neat frame. I've never seen that before.
    I'm hosting an Alphabet Letter Exchange if you're interested in participating. You can read the post here

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