Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tell Me More! Tell Me More!

I meant to get this link up done days ago but got distracted with other things. . . now there are 195 blogs participating in the link up!  Incredible! That makes me #196!

Nothing too exciting to report about me but here are the basics:

My husband and I started dating in high school.  We dated all through college and through the first 2 years of my teaching career while he finished college.  We rarely lived in the same town while we were dating!  7 years later we finally got married!   July 29th will be our 12th anniversary. . .which means he's been in my life for 19 years now!  He must be darn near perfect to put up with me for that long!  

We absolutely LOVE Mexico. . . the culture, the people, the atmosphere- EVERYTHING!  We try to get there at least once a year.  It's our "de-stressing" time!

We also "de-stress" by taking motorcycle trips.  Some of our favorite trips have been to Sturgis, Milwaukee, Northern Minnesota and Canada.

We have 2 beautiful children.  Paige is 9 and loves soccer, running, swimming. . .well, pretty much anything where she can move CONSTANTLY!  Addie is 6 and loves her babies, her stuffed animals and anything she can mother. . . she is my nurturer.

They flew in an airplane for the first time this year when my parents took the whole crew (all 14 of us) to Disney to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.  (We're hoping for Hawaii to celebrate their 50th!)  You can't ask for better parents than them. . . I am extremely blessed.

I teach at an amazing school in eastern South Dakota and love my job.  This is a picture of all of us (teachers and kids) taken this year.  Do you see me?  Ha ha!

That about covers it.  
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  1. Aww all your pictures are great! I would love to go away on a vacation to Mexico!I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing some more facts about you with us.
    I just nominated you for the Versatile blogger award. Head on over to my blog to pick up your award. Congrats!

  2. Your girls are precious!!! Thanks for sharing about yourself! I am your newest follower & nominated you for a blogger award. Come visit my page for more details! =)


    Miss Augustine's Kindergarten

  3. Hey there! I am a new kindergarten teacher and your newest follower. I have nominated you for two awards. Hop on over to my blog to claim them. :)

  4. This was super cool to read. My husband and I just celebrate our 8th year and also waited 7 years to get married! Your kids are super cute. I have two children also. Great linky. Stephanie

  5. I think my favorite part was reading about your parents. My parents just celebrated their 39th. Maybe I can talk them into a trip. LOL... Stephanie

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